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Am I Crazy? When Things Fall Apart…

"I found myself curled up into the fetal position, crying. I don't understand where this came from. Am I crazy?"

"I'm falling apart at work. I get angry at the smallest things and snap at people. Sometimes I need to excuse myself from meetings because I get emotional. Am I crazy?"

"No one understands me. They say I'm too sensitive. I do seem to feel things deeper than other people do and I get hurt so easily. I don't understand why I can't snap out of it. Am I crazy?"

"Sometimes I feel like life has no meaning, no purpose. I want to be happy and be a better person but these thoughts keep coming up for me and it's making me miserable. Am I crazy?"

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Help! Someone I Love has a Mental Illness

Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorder, OCD, ADHD and so on. These words strike fear into the hearts of mothers, fathers and partners. When you first suspect that your loved one is sick, it can be confusing and frightening, for them and also for you. You question yourself and them - is it real, how do I help, what does this mean, can't you get over it, did I do something wrong? 

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