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Surviving an Emotional Crisis Step by Step

We've all been there.

Something happens and your emotions take over. You can no longer think clearly and logic is not an option. You are crying, enraged, hysterical, panic-stricken or controlled by any of a number of different emotions. So what do you do to survive the crisis without making things worse for yourself or others?

Here's a step by step guide to getting those emotions back in check.

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Why do we cry?

This week I had a beautiful session with a client about her grief over her parent's death. She was able to transform tears of loss for herself into tears of joy for a life long lived. I was honored to be a part of the process.  It got me thinking about tears and why we cry. Crying seems like such an odd thing for a body to do. What’s the point of squeezing water out of your eyes? And why does this strange thing make us feel better?

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