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Can pets help relieve depression and PTSD?

"Pets offer an unconditional love that can be very helpful to people with depression," says Ian Cook, MD, a psychiatrist and director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA.

We all struggle from time to time with feeling down, stressed out, or lonely, whether or not we have a diagnosed mental health problem.  Research shows that animals reduce tension and improve mood.  Along with therapy and possibly medications, pets can help people with mild to moderate symptoms.  Here's a couple of ways that pets could help you if you're feeling low...

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Reach out and touch someone: the importance of companionship for mental health

We live in a digital world. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...  This is fantastic technology and it lets us connect with people across the globe and stay in touch with distant friends and family.  Unfortunately technology has a side effect.   It can make it very easy to lose actual human contact.  

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