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Bipolar Disorder: Grieving the Loss of the Manic Highs

"I don't want to feel numbed out. I don't feel like me when I'm on meds."

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder with really low lows (depression), and really high highs (mania).  People with bipolar want to get rid of the lows, but the highs can actually feel pretty good.  A lot of people with bipolar are extremely creative and highly productive during their manic periods.  A number of artists and high level executives use their manic periods to drive their careers. Is it any surprise, then, that some people with bipolar don't want to take medication for fear of loosing their creativity or productivity?

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Bipolar, Borderline and PTSD – What’s the difference?

"...Some common symptoms of these illnesses are trouble sleeping, thoughts of suicide, not being able to maintain relationships, feeling worthless, racing thoughts, inability to focus, low energy, and feeling heightened emotions.  Bipolar, BPD and PTSD can all cause these problems, but for different reasons."

5 Ways to Manage Bipolar with Lifestyle Changes

Bipolar disorder is nothing to mess around with.  The highs can feel good but are dangerous.  The lows, well the lows aren't anything you want to experience. Meds can really help regulate your moods but they are not the end-all be-all for bipolar treatment.  Research shows that medication combined with therapy and lifestyle changes are the most effective approaches to managing bipolar disorder.  

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