I was interviewed by Guy Macpherson of The Trauma Therapist Project this week about my “why” for becoming a trauma therapist. I was honored to join the ranks of some of my mentors who have also been interviewed by Guy, including Dr. Janina Fisher and Manuela Mischke-Reeds (click on their names to listen to their interviews). Guy’s questions made me really think about my choice to specialize in trauma therapy and PTSD, and why I love this work. The questions also made me reflect on how I prepare myself for listening to difficult stories and how I protect both my clients and myself through grounding and self nurturing.

 Listen to Linnea's Interview Here Listen to Linnea’s Interview Here

“For me, with trauma therapy, I feel so deeply honored to sit with people in their most raw expression of themselves.”

— Linnea Butler

The Trauma Therapist Project was started in order to support and encourage new trauma therapists as they enter this challenging and deeply rewarding line of work. He conducts weekly interviews with experienced trauma therapist to glean “pearls of wisdom” for new therapists and shares them through his podcast.

If something in this interview resonates with you or stimulates some questions, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me directly at linnea@bayareamh.com or leave a comment below.

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