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“We are not trapped or locked up in these bones. No, no. We are free to change.”

~Walter Mosley

If you are here, you have taken a brave first step.

This might be the first time you have considered individual therapy. You may have tried individual therapy in the past, only to find yourself in the same position – feeling stuck, unheard, misunderstood, hopeless, disheartened, or broken. Yet you are here, and you haven’t given up. We honor that and welcome you.

Change Is Seldom Easy

Change can be difficult and sometimes even scary or unsettling, especially if you are trying to do it alone. You are the expert on your life’s journey. We have no doubt that if you could solve these problems on your own, you would already have done it.

Yet it can be hard to see how to build a strong foundation for your life’s path while you are walking on it. Sometimes you can use an understanding ally. Let us walk this part of your journey with you. For us, therapy is not simply focused on you talking about your difficulties week after week, which can sometimes mean getting stuck in the story.

We actively listen with an open mind and conscious acceptance of your individuality, all while searching for the key to your struggle. The goal is to help you build a more effective way of interacting in your world, even when your world can’t or won’t change.

Lasting Change Is Possible

We work collaboratively with adults and teens to help establish lasting change through skills-building and education to help re-structure and strengthen your internal foundation. Understanding how and why your pain has led you to this point will be beneficial moving forward.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


We hold an awareness of the mind-body connection and how your thoughts, emotions, and physical reactions influence one another. And we utilize mindfulness as a means to foster your own awareness of how your mind, body, and spirit inform and shape your personal insight, something you will carry with you after you complete your healing journey with us.

We help connect you with your personal values so that you can make committed life choices that meet these values and needs, filling your cup and creating the change you seek.

Expressive art techniques, such as writing, drawing, painting, music, body movement, or even play may be used to help you express your internal emotional experiences, discover your own creativity, foster your empowerment, and integrate the changes you are making.

Challenge Yourself to Change

We may even challenge you to consider new ways of thinking and behaving, as sometimes changing means moving beyond our comfort zones. As you grow, we will celebrate your victories with you. We will help you transform your pain into a meaningful, confident, and hopeful sense of peace.

We are authentic, completely real, and down-to-earth. We have all walked our own healing path, so we understand how much courage it takes.

You will feel your empowerment inside your body and see it within your relationships.

When you commit yourself, great change is possible.

Ready to Make a Change?

Request a free 20-minute phone consultation. We will help you get some insight into what’s going on for you and make some recommendations for how to move forward. You can send us an email by clicking the button below or call us at 408-508-6178.