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Mental Health Effects of Sexual Assault

Awareness of the prevalence and impact of sexual assault has recently surged in the media following such events as the #MeToo movement and the testimony of Christine Blasey-Ford. In 2015 Chanel Miller laid bare the devastating impact of the sexual assault she suffered in a powerful letter that she read to her attacker in

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I Just Want to Get Through High School

It’s a difficult job being a teen these days. So much pressure to take tests, get good grades in school, maybe work part-time or participate in sports, maintain a social life, and keep up with social media. They may just want to scream: “I’m just trying to get through high school!” 30% of Teens Will

Sugar-aholics Anonymous: Breaking the sugar addiction

I don't know of any 12-step groups for sugar addiction, but I wish I did.  Research shows that sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine or heroin.  It's toxic and will ruin both your health and your mood.

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