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I Just Want to Get Through High School

It’s a difficult job being a teen these days. So much pressure to take tests, get good grades in school, maybe work part-time or participate in sports, maintain a social life, and keep up with social media. They may just want to scream: “I’m just trying to get through high school!” 30% of Teens Will

“I Just Want Someone to Love Me”

"I just want someone to love me. If someone loves me back, then everything will be ok. But sometimes I despair. I’m so broken. It always happens that as soon as I meet someone who seems to be into me, and we start to get close, they abandon me."

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When New Year’s Resolutions Go Bad

It's New Year's Eve, 2016 and time to make those annual resolutions. You know, the ones you will break one week from now? Or at least that's the way it always worked for me. The problem, I finally figured out, is that resolutions are typically based on the "shoulds" in life which are defined by everyone around you instead of by YOU. Life changes need to start deep within and be driven by a true and honest desire. A resolution to work out 3 times a week or loose weight (very common choices) or work harder or go to church or whatever likely won't cut it

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Living in “Not Enough”: How You Feel About What You’ve Got

When we see someone with something fantastic or a stroke of good luck, do we feel happy for them or envious because we want what they have?  The angel on one shoulder whispers "be happy for them" and the devil on the other shoulder possessively yells "it should be mine!"  Stephen Covey calls this the Scarcity Mentality.  We've been trained to think this way since birth and it's difficult to step out of it. However with practice we can live in abundance.  Read on...

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How to Boost Your Self Esteem in 4 Steps with DBT Skills

Low self esteem seems to be almost an epidemic in our society, yet we play the part of feeling strong and acting confident by what I call "putting on the face". This is also referred to as "Imposter Syndrome". With Imposter Syndrome you present yourself as the perfect employee, spouse, parent, friend, etc but inside you feel like a fraud, weak and falling apart at the seams. It takes tremendous energy to keep up appearances when you are in emotional pain, so the growing weariness burdens you even more and you end up in a repeating cycle: perform - berate yourself collapse - suck it up - perform.

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Top 10 Questions About Therapy and Counseling

We have developed a brief quiz to help you determine if therapy would help you. While this is not a full assessment, it may guide your thinking and choice of whether therapy might be a good choice at this time. We also offer free phone consultations to briefly discuss the problems you are experiencing, make an initial recommendation and answer any questions you may have. Once you meet with your therapist, should you choose to make an appointment, we may update our recommendation based on new information.

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