Your Healing Journey Begins When You Pick Up The Phone.

When you contact us, we will call you back as soon as possible. Usually on the same day.

You’re in pain, and you want help. NOW. It took courage to make the call, and we honor that.

Therapy is not just happy, fluffy stuff.

People really do fall apart all the time, and their internal struggles are intense.

At Bay Area Mental Health, we work with people to solve, actual, real, tangible, and serious problems. Our clients often cannot acknowledge their situation in the outside world; but, collaboratively, we attack the problems aggressively.

We get things done.

The body is usually healthy, but from time to time we break a bone, or catch the flu, or a cold. The brain is no different. It also becomes temporarily disabled. We don’t like to acknowledge this, but it is a fact. The brain is sometimes ‘under the weather.’

We treat people with severe, often hidden problems. That’s who we are, that’s what we do, and that’s why we are here for you.

We specialize in trauma therapy, PTSD and complex PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Addiction and Substance Abuse, and Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse.

We welcome your call.

Our Therapists

Linnea Butler, LMFT (license #83313), Founder

Listen to Linnea’s interview on The Trauma Therapist Podcast

Hi I’m Linnea. I founded Bay Area Mental Health with a vision of bringing together outstanding and passionate therapists to help people who have been through extreme experiences. We take on tough problems and are dedicated to facilitating change. We provide specialty, high quality services to help you heal your deepest pain…We take on tough problems and are dedicated to facilitating change. We provide high end services to help you heal your deepest pain.

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Dr. Natasha Kruger, Licensed Psychologist (PSY29756)

Hi I’m Natasha and I work with adults and teens. I believe that all people have access to a deep source of wisdom and aliveness that can be tapped into even when it’s been buried for a long time due to trauma, addiction, or other difficult experiences. My passion as a therapist is to assist you in finding that source and recovering your inherent power and vitality…

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Dr. Sarah Hill, Psychological Assistant (PSB94024111, supervised by Dr. Natasha Kruger, PSY29756)

Hi I’m Sarah and I work with adults, teens and families. I also am fluent in Spanish. Trauma can disrupt one’s life in a way that makes you question who you are, who you can trust, and how you can live in a world that has proven itself unsafe. As a therapist, I walk alongside you in your journey through recovery…

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Aliayh Kirby, LCSW (85883)

Hi I’m Aliayh and I work with adults and teens. I believe that all individuals have the ability to seek growth, connect to their values, and are generally trying to do their best with the cards that life has dealt them. My hope as a therapist is that I can provide you with a genuine, authentic, and safe connection that provides a space for you to tap into your ability to heal and live a life that is fulfilling…

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Larissa Pasut Fellenz, AMFT (103781, Supervised by Linnea Butler, LMFT, 83313)

Hi I’m Larissa and I work with adults, teens, couples and families. It’s exhausting and draining to be in emotional pain, and you don’t have to live your life like that. We all have stories of pain and suffering, but we don’t have to live in that story. Here’s the secret – we are more than what has happened to us and our story doesn’t get to define us…

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Dr. Lisa Prosser-Dodds, PhD (PSB94025084, Supervised by Natasha Kruger)

Hi I’m Lisa and I work with adults, teens and families. I learned years ago, most problems can be traced to a loss or trauma. I quickly work to help you find the core issue. Then I implement a variety of tools and skills to heal losses and help you engage in a healthy life. This often involves more than talking. We will use a myriad of therapies to help you find your authentic, genuine self…

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Kimberly McCord, LMFT (116664)

When the little voice inside your head says “I’m not good enough” it’s too easy to believe it. The inner critic is a force to be reckoned with! People are often harder on themselves than they are on other people and I want to help you challenge that little voice and learn to believe in yourself again. We often hold ourselves to an impossible standard and it’s overwhelming to try to keep up. Sometimes you just need time to reflect and breathe.

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