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Bipolar Disorder: Grieving the Loss of the Manic Highs

"I don't want to feel numbed out. I don't feel like me when I'm on meds."

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder with really low lows (depression), and really high highs (mania).  People with bipolar want to get rid of the lows, but the highs can actually feel pretty good.  A lot of people with bipolar are extremely creative and highly productive during their manic periods.  A number of artists and high level executives use their manic periods to drive their careers. Is it any surprise, then, that some people with bipolar don't want to take medication for fear of loosing their creativity or productivity?

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Take a Moment for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the fastest growing areas in psychology research.  It's been empirically shown to improve feelings of happiness, reduce depression, reduce stress, improve relationship satisfaction, decrease rumination ( spinning thoughts), decrease emotional reactivity, improve focus and memory. It's even been shown to help with chronic pain and to improve immune system function. 

So why isn't everyone on the planet doing daily mindfulness practice?

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Trauma Therapy: Trauma Survivors have Symptoms Instead of Memories

It can be really tough to try to make sense of a past trauma and how it effects you in the here and now. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has a specific set of symptoms, such as nightmares and flashbacks. But the reality of complex trauma resulting from repeated traumatic events is that the effects go far beyond the symptoms outlined in the DSM.  One of the first steps in healing from trauma is to understand the problems that you are having in your life and how they might relate back to the traumas. Not every problem originates with trauma, but there are some problems that originate with trauma that you might not expect.

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Trauma Therapy: How Childhood Abuse Shows Up in Adult Life

Childhood abuse happened in the past. Unfortunately the effects of abuse don't stay tucked in the past but rather invade your daily life in ways that you might not expect.  Abuse is a perceived threat to one's safety and can be physical, emotional, verbal or sexual.  When we think of abuse we usually think of physical or sexual acts, but emotional and verbal abuse can be just as devastating.

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Letting Go of Toxic Relationships

"The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday"

Relationships are hard. Intimate relationships, relationships with friends and family, relationships with people at work, or with a job you're been at for years. What happens when a relationship turns toxic? How do you let go of someone or something that has been an important part of your life?

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