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When I first tell people I am a therapist, they inevitably end up asking for advice and often later tell me painful stories that they typically don’t share.  You see, the person that you think “has it all together” is often struggling quietly and they think that showing the pain will somehow make it feel more real.  Does this sound familiar?

We want to share.  We want to be seen and heard for who we are.  But we are afraid.  The explosion of social media has made it possible for people struggling with their mental health to anonymously connect with others who are experiencing similar things.  Emotions are confusing.  When our emotions are off the charts it’s hard to know if anyone else feels this way and it’s really easy to get isolated.  And then (more) depressed.  Connecting to people on social media is a great first step to breaking down the wall.  So what’s the second step?

For some, simply having a place to be heard is enough.  That’s awesome.  For others it’s necessary to go further in search of help.  Psychotherapy is one option.  There are no straight jackets or rubber rooms.  We don’t make you lay down on a couch and tell us your life story (at least most of us don’t).  We won’t force you to talk about anything you don’t want to.  Are you curious to know more about therapy?  There are great resources on the web to read about it discretely.  Just talk to someone.  Reach out and allow the pain to breathe.